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Re: Police Riot at Tent State UC Santa Cruz

"Police riot"? "Severe police brutality"?

You need to have your eyes examined, or your brain. I have seen police riot in LA. I have seen severe police brutality. This wasn't a riot, nor was it severe, nor was it brutal.

Police brutality is the use of excessive force.

The pigs didn't use chemical weapons (pepper pray, CS) grenades or sprayers. They didn't use bullets - lead, rubber, wood, or paint balls. They didn't just up and start clubbing folks over the head like baby seals. And now we have confirmation they used no tasers either.

You resisted, and they - to their credit - patiently applied the minimum force necessary to counter your resistance.

Did you have a right to be there? Maybe. I'm really not sure. Should they have been arresting you? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not.

But "police riot" and "severe police brutality"? C'mon. Reality check, please. Have some perspective. Your black-and-white view of this does not help to sell your cause nor win support from the masses - only from other extremists who share your binary world view. People see how unreliable and biased your reporting is, and they right away realize that your account of the story cannot be trusted. I wonder what else you've greatly exagerated?

What's really sad, is I hate cops. Yet your twisting of reality forces me to defend them. I don't know which is more insane, you or them.


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