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Re: "'NEVER AGAIN' OVER AGAIN" β€” on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Horowitz Hater, if you are familiar enough with Steve Argue to feel free to ask him for "facts, not paranoid delusion" about his proof that Becky Johnson is the author of the DTN entries on members of the Santa Cruz community, then you should also realize that the individuals mentioned *just so happen* to be the people who have had the courage to publicly confront the lies that Becky Johnson and Lee Kaplan have been promulgating in our community, particularly in the last six months. I noticed that these people were added to the "list" not long after George's Community Television shows about local Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts were aired. George and at least three of her guests suddenly popped up on that list! Mmmmm...what a coincidence.

If you know these people, the of idea of them as the dangerous radicals that Horowitz tries to insinuate they are will strike you as hilarious. Every one of them is intelligent, reasoning and respectful. If one was looking for the "most radical/visible" activists in Santa Cruz, these folks would certainly not come to my mind. The one that readily comes to my mind -- RN -- is notoriously absent from this list. Could it be his symbiotic relationship with Becky? His silence on these issues -- disinformation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the harrassment of Palestinian rights activists worldwide, including our own community -- is deafening. I would really like to hear your thoughts on these things, RN.

This ties in well to the general topic of this article. Before the bloody killing of the Holocaust happened, Jews were harrassed years before they were actually exterminated. The greater society *looked the other way* and *did not* get involved when they saw this happening. Later, Germans civilians participated in the genocide by betraying their very own neighbors to the SS when they came through town.

While I do not wish to even insinuate that there is any sort of "holocaust" going on, I would hope that Becky Johnson looks at her actions and seriously contemplates how she is betraying her neighbors that she has claimed, at some point in her life, to have supported and respected.

Personally, I will hold Becky Johnson somewhat responsible if any harm befalls these people she has "outed." She and Lee Kaplan are entitled to their views -- however racist they may be. What is intolerable is when *anything goes* in pursuit of that agenda. This philosophy is consistent with facist systems, including the development of the Nazis in pre-Holocaust Germany.

My motivation and resolve surrouding this issue is strong and very personal. I have a friend who is a Holocaust survivor. I can honestly say that her influence has changed the course of my life. Her key message has always been: we can NEVER let this happen again! Unlike what JA claims is the message being told today, she contends that it must never happen again --- TO ANY PEOPLE! I am determined to work with her to that end.

Note to Becky: I think an apology would go far in helping to restore people's trust in you in this community. They might also help give you support if you want to shake off some of your new friends who, from my perspective, don't seem like friends at all.

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