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Re: "'NEVER AGAIN' OVER AGAIN" β€” on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Steve -- "I can tell" is not evidence. It's obvious you have none. Do some more horticulture research. You're worthless on this issue. Becky indicts herself however...

Becky writes: "Lee Kaplan has worked directly with David Horowitz and is the likely source. My only involvement with the list, is that I contacted Kaplan and informed him some of the information was incorrect." -- HELLOOOO!!! THIS IS THE PROBLEM BECKY! WAKE THE FUCK UP! Your association with LK is undermining EVERY OTHER ISSUE you claim to support. Why are you telling the RIGHT WING what information is corect or incorrect. They will just use it against us. It's better that they have INCORRECT information. This is exactly why no one trusts you anymore. Are you that blind?

This is what it looks like to every activist in Santa Cruz --> The ONLY Santa Cruz activists on Horowitz's list were supplied by Lee Kaplan who got those individual's names from his association with BECKY JOHNSON.

I don't believe you're an agent, Becky, but at the very least, you're being played for a fool, and you are continuing to allow it to continue to the point where your credibility is near zero.

Horowitz's DTN site purports to identify the network of the ENTIRE LEFT, not just pro-Palestinian left activists. In that case, WHY AREN'T YOU ON THE LIST BECKY?? You claim to be a leftist, so why don't you insist that LK and DH add you to the DTN list? And get Robert Norse, and all the HUFFsterites listed as well? WHY NOT? Because it's increasingly obvious that the ONLY Santa Cruz activists who get listed are those who have been identified to Lee Kaplan through Becky, and they are those who criticize the state of Israel for their treatment of the Palestinians. NO ONE ELSE IS ON THE LIST FROM SANTA CRUZ!

Do you care to offer a justification for this pathetic state of affairs, Becky? Or give any reason why any activist in this town should EVER TRUST YOU AGAIN on any issue? Why should anybody even talk to you ever again? What consolation can you offer those who fear winding up on some rights wing or state of Israel hit list due to YOU?

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