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Race card? You sound like a conservative wingnut. "Race card" is a term white people use to minimize a legitamite critque of white supremacy. Sorry to break the news to you but you are not "Celto-Franco-Parisian-American" in the eyes of white privelage, you have white skin privelage, a privelage based on your skin, not on the fact you are a parisian celto or whatever. Right, you are the victim, it seems you, like so many other white supremacists only wish we darkies would "forget" about color. Were all oppressed equall in your eyes. I am sure you have been beat dowm by fascist cops within the last month right? You fucking web dork, looking up definitons to describe me. MOtherfucker, you don't know me, don't pretend you know WHY I posted. I posted because I was thrown out of Saturn for being brown, for being called colored by a manager, fuck you. Report on that asshole.

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