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Becky Johnson: Agent for Racist Groups, Apologist for Racist Violence

Becky, don't try to explain how the words don't mean what they obviously mean. Don't try to sugarcoat it by admitting that they're "pejorative" but then try to explain how we just don't understand that they really are true.

The original words -- and now your explaination of them, as well -- are classic, old-school racism, pure and simple. You are making gross generalizations about "Arab culture" -- with some bits of truth in specific instances, but impugned to an entire group of people(s) -- and using this as apologetics for the ongoing crimes of racist government of Israel. This is racist and despicable.

Why don't you make similar generalizations about Jews? Or about Caucasians? Or Africans? Because if you did, everyone would just laugh at your digusting, racist garbage. It is only because of the continued unquestioned acceptance of anti-Arab racism in this country (and others) that you can get away with such absurdities. You should know better. You should be ashamed of yourself.

But once again, we've become distracted from THE REAL ISSUE:

The issue is that Becky Johnson is part of and/or affiliates with groups which are actively compiling and distributing lists and databases designed to target, disrupt and discredit our movements.

Do not trust Becky Johnson with anything.

Do not give her ANY information.

Tell your friends. If you don't, they might unwittingly disclose information to Becky Johnson that could lead to harm to them, to you, to your friends and loved ones, and to the movement, in general.

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