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Banner day cut short in county; anti-war messages go up; come down

A good report. I only see 2 errors:

1) "The judge ruled in January that Caltrans had to have a "content-neutral" policy for flags and banners on state highways, and last month the state agency decided to allow both as long as they arenít a hazard for

This is misleading, in that it omits an event in between these 2, to wit: CalTrans, after losing in federal court, declared their new policy to be 100% removal. It wasn't until a week or so before the anniversary of 9/11 that they conveniently reversed their policy.

2) "By late afternoon, the "Gulf War II" banner was gone. But the "Invest in caring" sign remained. So did a banner posted on the Granite Creek Road overpass on Highway 17."

Another misleading ommission. While I suppose 3:44p can be called late afternoon, the Granite Creek banner was also removed between 3:45p and 4p by persons unknown - CHP, from the sound of it.

Which is odd, because the pedestrian area inside the overpass cant possibly be CHP jurisdiction - that's Granite Creek Rd. Why is SVPD passing the buck to CHP? Probably because CHP is less vulnerable politically to angry SV residents than SVPD.

Sentinel staff writer
SANTA CRUZ ó Two local free-speech activists trumpeted their legal victory over Caltrans on Thursday, organizing supporters to hang a dozen anti-war banners from highway overpasses from Santa Cruz to San Francisco.

But by mid-afternoon, some had been removed, turning their banner day into a celebration tinged with disappointment.

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