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Rebuilding a rental unit

Rachel Corrie did not die protecting a house. No home was destroyed that day, and the home the ISM claims she was protecting, inhabited by the Nasrallah family, was a rental unit, which was only destroyed months later.*

Israel has no interest in destroying Palestinian homes. The only reason any homes were destroyed in the Rafah area, next to the Egyptian border, is that many homes were used to disguise tunnel entrances---tunnels used to smuggle guns, bombs, and terrorists. The IDF has found 90 tunnels in the area since 2002 when they ended the smuggling by sea and the Palestinians switched to digging tunnels to obtain their lethal weapons. These weapons go directly to equip groups like Hamas, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, and Islamic Jihad -- groups which have no interest in an independent Palestinian state. These groups charters include the destruction of Israel (which they call Palestine) and the expulsion or the deaths of the Jews. Yes, they don't use the codeword "Zionist". They say Jews.

While Corrie's death was tragic, we cannot simply ignore the tunnel smuggling operation which prompted the IDF to be there to contain in the first place.

*Source: George Cadman's radio show with an eyewitness to Corrie's death

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