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Ease up on the inflated rhetoric maybe

I probably wouldn't be levying this complaint had this piece of propaganda not been labelled a "press release," but i felt like i had to say something. I usually don't have a problem with political propaganda, but it irks me to see something like this called a press release. This is more accurately a communiqué. I don't think it does anyone any good to set up these simplistic "good, peaceful, nonviolent protestor" vs. "bad, violent, trigger-happy yahoos" dichotymies, if for no other reason than the redundant language belabors the point. And "terrorist threat?" What's up with that? I'm getting really sick of this pattern of Santa Cruz activists trying to hijack the language and the laws of the state to aim it back at those in power. Going around trying to "arrest" tourists and shoppers when they violate the downtown ordinances does next to nothing to confront state power (in fact, it reinforces it), and i would doubt that those doing this will gain many friends among those they "arrest", either (or maybe they want it that way). Similarly, playing the "terrorism" card doesn't work for social justice and environmental activists: it is the primary and almost exclusive tool of the state, and invoking it can only help prop up that power. Anyone willing to read past your inflated rhetoric to actually get to the facts already likely knows that the "terrorism" ploy is bunk--you needn't smash them over the head with the notion.

I have no problem with visceral, angry, heart-felt emotion in communiqués, or even press releases, but i find it useless and annoying to read relatively meaningless and empty language that is the invention, the tool and the solace of the state. There is a lot of good information in this press release, and plenty of passion for justice and a better world evident in the activists doing the work. That's what i want to be reading, not this melodrama amounting to just so many rhetorical pin-pricks to those in power. "Speak truth to power," or, better yet, to those who've been duped into investing power into their masters, but don't spew rhetoric at the choir.

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