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Well said.

Well said, Fhar. Application of the "terrorist" label bugged me too (but I figured as I was fwd'ing the msg, I'd let someone else comment first). To stretch the term this far is meaningless. I might as well label my cat a terrorist for keeping mice out of the house.

By jumping on the language bandwagon in this way, they only lend credibility to the general usage of the term. General usage which still belongs to the White House and mainstream corporate press, and which is highly flawed and manipulative.

The lack of a down-to-earth perspective by SCEF on their own position, agenda, and operation seems to be a common thread through their subculture. I'm reminded of the old observation on the Irish, "They don't know what they're fighting for, but they're willing to fight for it!"

There's certainly a valid story in all this, but their press releases - or whatever you want to call them - like this one do almost more harm than good.


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