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terrorism? please.

> If these trees were the twin towers,who would be the
> terrorists then?Answer:Redwood Empire.

Uh, the Twin Towers were destroyed by people other than the owners, and involved 3000 deaths and collosal financial and economic damage.

By contrast, Ramsey II is at least the private property of Redwood Empires CEO Robert Burch.

Furthermore, the Twin Towers were totally erased. Ramsey Gulch and Ramsey Creek may be adversely affected, but will still very much be on the map.

Even looking over at Ramsey I across the creek, which is undeniably a stark contrast, it wasn't clearcut by any means. What's left is sparse, and reportedly far less than was legally allowed by the R1 THP (resulting in the bankruptcy of Hayward Bros and the loss of someone's Timber License), but still - it aint no post 9/11 Manhatten skyline.

So there's a world of difference between the Twin Towers and Ramsey II. Im not saying my overall judgement is one of approval of RII (I have no overall judgement yet), but equating it with 9/11 is only costing you points in the battle for the public mind.

Maybe it's an effective rallying cry for the disaffected who felt no attachment to 9/11 and want to feel like they have their own earth-shattering, unifying, mass-mobilizing disaster, but... no. Be realistic.

> I think the tree-sitters are doing a great job trying to
> protect the local watersheds.What are you doing?

While you all are credulously buying into the "save the watershed!" and "save the fish!" cause without an iota of critical analysis, I'm studying the Redwood Empires Timber Harvest Plan, the Calif Dept of Forestry's Official Response document, and the State of Calif's Forest Practices Act and Forest Practice Rules, and engaging Uncle Dennis, Dragonfly, and other SCEF activists in discussion on the specific issues involved, so that I can make an informed opinion.

I used to think that organized religion centered on tree worship had fallen into antiquity with the Druids of medieval Europe. But if y'all were any more faith-based, you could get grants from George Bush.

(nuke a gay baby whale for Jesus!)

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