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Re: Support Accused Animal Liberationist : Peter Young

>While bad timing and dumb luck led to the initial >indictment of the two,
>Samuel's fear and lack of moral fortitude is >responsible both for his own
>prison time and for the likelihood that Peter >Young (if apprehended) may be
>found guilty and sentenced to a lengthy >imprisonment.

Activist Pleads Not Guilty to Domestic Terror Charges in Wisconsin

Madison, WI: Animal rights activist Peter Young pleaded not guilty to domestic terrorism charges that he freed mink from Midwestern farms in 1997, causing thousands of dollars in damage and spreading fear through the nation's fur farmers.

Young, 27, made the plea in U.S. District Court in Madison as he appeared for the first time on the charges after eluding authorities for more than seven years. Prosecutors say Young and accomplice Justin Samuel set out to cripple the fur industry in 1997, freeing more than 7,000 mink from their cages at five farms in Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin, which is the nation's largest mink producing state. Bob Anderson, an assistant U.S. attorney, said Young cost farmers $569,000. Sympathizers have started a Web site to raise money for his defense,

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