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Re: Brown Act Demand Letter Sent to Mayor Mike Rotkin

What is it that you REALLY need, Robert? What I need from you is honesty, but what I see is bluster and contrived circumstance. It's obvious that you have a profound need to be known for who you are, or at least who you think that you are. I just see you working so very hard, year after year, to bring attention to yourself, yet you never seem satisfied. And then you get to play the role of the victim of an unsympathetic council and an abusive police force. Can you just cut through the crap and admit what it is that you REALLY need, and admit the possibility that those around you will never really be able to meet those needs? We cannot become the parents or elementary school teachers that ignored you and we resent your attempts to suck us into those roles as part of your efforts to exorcise those traumatic experiences from your psyche. Only you can do the hard work necessary, with the help of trained psychotherapists. I pray for you, Robert Norse.

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