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It is the FBI who are the terrorists

Chalie Desilva wrote, "What the Santa Cruz area need is its own terrorist attack. Only will Santa Cruz understand how important the work is that the FBI and Homeland security are doing."

It is the FBI who are the terrorists, committing murder, false arrests, burglary, and slander to smash political dissent in America. Victims of FBI crimes include Martin Luther King Jr., the Black Panther Party, Earth First!, Judy Barri, the anti-war movement, John F Kennedy, Malcolm X, the American Indian Movement, Leonard Peltier, and the now the entire Arab American community and being a defense attorney for anyone the FBI terrorists claims is a terrorist.

The fact that the CIA's murderers and drug traffickers in Afghanistan murdered some Americans on September 11th does not justify the violence and repression of the FBI.

Abolish the FBI and the CIA!

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