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We are One!! No matter what our political, social or economic persuasions are, as the most beautiful race of people in this country, we are and always will be ONE-no matter how misguided some of us may seem to be-and we must always remember that. For those who commented nicely on my words above, thank you, but I also want "Anonymous Poster" #1 to know that we are not 'ganging up' on you. No one is picking on you or calling you names or questioning your 'chicanismo'. One thing we don't want to do is play that divide and conquer game that worked so well against us in the early-mid seventies and succeeded in corrupting the movemiento at that time through infiltrators, agents provacateurs and FBI informants. Thankfully since then law enforcement has changed a great deal and become more 'centralized' in terms of the communities it now policeses. And with the addition of many more latino cops and officials I have great hopes that the new Brown Berets will be spared some of the s--t we had to put up with at the hands of the racist police then. But back to Anonymous #1 Your beliefs and feelings, however different, are valid and respected and should be listened to and given a fair argument which is exactly what this Brown Beret web site is doing and that makes me proud and thankful and grateful.

You mentioned the conservative Linda Chavez and her book. Actually I did read the sister's book and found it very enlightening and informative though I wish she hadn't used that subtitle' "the most hated Hispanic in America." It kind of suggested we are all hated but she moreso than the rest of us. She of course meant hated by other Hispanics because of her conservative views. She may think a little too much of herself though because I don't think too many other Chicanos are really going to expend the energy and effort 'hating' her. Frankly, most don't even know who she is! The Chicano raza and the Berets in particular are not now nor have they ever been about hate or hatred for anyone- whether they be deceitful politicians, explotive businessmen or racist policemen. But I'm glad, Anonymous #1, that you drew everyone's attetion to it and you're right when you say people shouldn't criticize something they don't know or understand. Don't take our words as 'criticisms' but more as explanations and clarifications so that you know where we're coming from as well as we knowing where you're coming from.
I personally admire you for being bold enough to state your views here knowing full well that those of us who didn't agree with them were going to come after you. But it was done with love, my friend, not hatred or anger.

And to the young vatos y vatas who didn't understand my reference to the Zoot Suit riots of the 1940's. Well, there's too much to that story to go into here but if you get the chance, rent Luis Valdez's film called "Zoot Suit" starring brother Edward James Olmos. It's an entertaining way to learn what happened in the Sleeepy Lagoon Barrio in the mid 1940's. You can also look it up on the internet. In a nut shell, if you had a brown face and got caught wearing a Zoot suit by roving bands of racist thugs from the nearby naval base you ran the risk of getting beaten and stripped of your clothes. It happened to my Dad. The Zoot Suit was a sign of Chicano independence and resistance back then and like the Brown Beret it could make you a target if it was seen in the wrong place. Venceremos! Mace T

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