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Re: IRAQ: Acid attacks on "immodest" women on the rise

Men need to stop attacking women, telling them what to wear, and who to marry and using physical force, laws and threats from their imaginary "gods" to control women.

They need to let women run their own lives, keep their own money, and control their reproduction and do as they please without male interference.

The world will never change and overpopulation will never stop until every women on earth can live her life without men telling her what to do.

Women are not men's slaves or "help meets" as the bible (babble) says. All the "gods" invented by men say men have the right to rule women. What a load of crap. Men pulled all their gods out of their left ear (or further south) and use their cosmic sock puppets to justify their domination of women.

Its time to grow up and stop believing in a giant male in the sky. A gingerbread man on mars or a dinosaur on the moon would serve just as well as any of men's "gods"

Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, Jehovah, Buddha, etc. Pick a god any god.

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