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Parent Article: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: "What's the Matter with Indymedia?"
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"you might want to try SF-IMC."
by nessie
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03 Aug 2005
That depends on what you want from a website. If you want hard news, cogent analysis and no bullsh*t, then yeah, come on over. SF-IMC is your kind of site.

If you want disinformation, racist propaganda, gibberish, flame wars and spam, then don't bother. You wouldn't like the place at all. You would like an awful lot of sites on the IMC network, though. You'd fit right in. That's a shame, because Indymedia's credibility is only as strong as it's weakest link. It has a lot of weak links.

While certain IMC locals do practice good journalism, as well as good politics, their efforts are negated by the antics of the rest. Collectively, Indymedia has been allowed to become the Weekly World News of internet activism. In fact, a random story from Weekly World news is actually more likely to turn out later to have been true than does a random story from Indymedia.

As long as we permit this state of affairs to continue, Indymedia is an even bigger joke than Jennifer Whitney makes it out to be, and we're all wasting our time and energy keeping it going. What's the point of doing all this work if no body is going to believe what we say because other people tell lies, and worse, in Indymedia's name, under Indymedia's logo?

I don't know. You tell me.

As for gehrig, click here:

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