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Re: Pat Robertson Calls for the Assasination of Hugo Chavez

I saw a blurb in the Mercury News on Thursday or Friday that said that Pat Robertson has apologized for calling for the assasination of Hugo Chavez. However, after going to my alternative to google:
and doing a quick search, it at first appeared that that "apology" was as fake as the rest of the 700 club. At first it appeared that Pat Robertson had simply said that "take him [Chavez]out" was misinterpreted. It could mean kidnapping, not assasination. So now he is saying that what happened to Aristide in Haiti was ok? Check it out at

NBC seems to have a much clearer account of what went on, clarifying that Robertson completely apologized AFTER his Wednesday 700 club broadcast, where he was dissembling.

And by the way, Chavez is no more a dictator or terrorist than was Aristide. Both survived challenges to their elected presidencies and were reinstated into their offices by landslide majorities. I guess Pat Robertson just can't handle the thought of a POPULAR Socialist or, HEAVEN forbid (...Amen...) , TWO Popular Socialists in "our hemisphere".

For more info, check out:

and Pat Robertson's own 5% apology, 95% diatribe at

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