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The fact that the property owner, Redwood Empires timber baron Robert Burch, called 911. He could have said nothing, leaving the activist to suffer even more horribly - even die.

Yet this assistance will be conveniently absent from future discussions on the character of Robert Burch. At least among activists.

I'm not saying I'm his friend, nor am I trying to defend him per se. I'm just saying watch and listen - this will become a classic demonstration of the selective disregard of facts by the activist community.

This is a character flaw that *we*, as a community, suffer. And it continually destroys our credibility with the masses whom we seek to sway with our protests.

We must face, and acknowledge, and even promote facts. Even when they help our opponents, or harm our allies. If we are not allies of truth and enemies of deceit, we are no better than our opponents.


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