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Yes, he died

Many of you will already know this by the time you read it, but the treesitter did in fact die from his injuries. The news came from Valley Medical Center and from a Redwood Empire press release.

As for Van's points, as much as i may agree with them, i don't think this is quite the time for them (much less so given the severity of the situation). I have plenty of my own issues with this campaign, many of which i could conceivably use this tragedy to illustrate, but i think this would be in poor taste. At the risk of sounding hopelessly "woo", this is a time to come together and mourn and to take the time to feel the sorrow of this event before devolving into the inevitable bickering over who was responsible, how it should be handled and what the "official line" will be. As i see it, until we can learn to preserve our own humanity--our own capacity for compassion and sorrow--we'll have no hope at all of saving this or any forest.

So, yeah, all my various and sundry issues about this campaign aside, my thoughts and condolences go out to the treesitter's comrades, friends and family.

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