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Re: Cry From New Orleans: "People are Dying in the Streets!"

If this isn't the biggest wake up call ever I don't know what is... the "people in charge" don't give a fuck about the citizens of this country or the rest of the world. the national guard is in iraq, global warming is ignored, and the poor are left to suffer. When will the masses stop living in this fantasy world that the government will protect us???

also, people are being told that they have to leave their animals behind in order to be evacuated. can you imagine the trauma of surviving the hurricane and the following chaos only to be told you have to leave your dog to starve? one small boy cried so hard he kept vomiting when his dog wasn't allowed on the bus out town. a couple had to choose between vital medicine or their dog. she offered rescue workers her wedding ring and her mother's wedding ring. they still said no. an elderly woman stayed in her damaged home all week so she could save her ONLY friend/family member in the whole world, her dog, and was told she had to leave her. A vet volunteered to gas pets so that people wouldn't go insane with worry and regret about abandoning their pets.
PETA and the humane society are collecting $ for a rescue effort.

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