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Victory to the Bus Driver’s Union!

"ozziebozoexlposion" sounds a lot like the self proclaimed, but nowhere else recognized, riders union "leader" R. Paul Marcelin-Sampson.

A true riders union would unite with the workers and fight for better funding and for better services. As a bus rider I am offended to have someone like Sampson pretend to be speaking for me.

The workers are fighting against cuts to their health care benefits. This is a worthy struggle that all working people should support. We are always stronger by sticking together against the government and corporations in labor disputes rather than fighting over the crumbs that fall from the table of exploitation where rich people feast.

Against the spending of money on war, police, decadence, and prisons we demand the social services and worker's benefits that should be basic rights in any civilized society!

For the preservation of healthcare benefits for all workers without cuts!

For the lowering of bus fares and an increase in services!

Victory to the Bus Driver’s Union!

Sincerely, Steven Argue for Liberation News

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