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Re: Santa Cruz Bus Drivers on Strike

Bus drivers are more likely to loose from this strike than make any financial gains in the short term. But they are doing us all a favor by setting a standard that says NO to concessions contracts that take away healthcare.

Now you’re not happy enough with the Metro forcing the drivers out on strike, you also want the drivers to give their money away. Why should bus drivers give away the money they earn and need for their families? Because you believe the lie that the drivers and not the Metro Board are to blame for this strike? So you believe the Metro Board when they say that the workers don't deserve healthcare.

As long as we do not have public healthcare provided to every person as is done in the civilized world, we must fight every employer for this basic right. Perhaps when enough employers are squeezed by this cost and not allowed to just pass it on to their workers they may then also think that Single Payer Healthcare is a good idea.

By the way, healthcare costs are also so high because of the extremely expensive and parasitic insurance industry, single payer healthcare would eliminate a large percentage of this cost by eliminating the insurance industry. Everyone would be covered, it would be paid for socially, and the costs will be much lower. It works elsewhere and it will work here.

Victory to the bus drivers! No to concessions contracts!

For more money to be put into improving public transportation!

For single payer healthcare!

Money for human needs, not for war!

U.S. Out Of Iraq Now!

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