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Re: Oct. 7 Photos: Students and Workers Take Protest to Sentinel's Door (Part 4 of 5)

Anonymous Poster writes:

"Wait a minute. If we should boycott the Sentinel for biased reporting, shouldn't we boycott IMC as well? The official IMC policy is to favor liberal and progressive angles. I dont see students against the strike being given fair and balanced coverage. I don't see the Metro being given equal exposure. Nor Campus Republicans being interviewed."

1) Unlike any other local news outlet, SC-IMC is an open-publishing newswire. In other words, if you don't see something on our site and believe there should be a story, photos, audio, whatever - go out there, cover it, and post it. We don't have paid staff and all the stories come from independent volunteers who choose what they cover.

2) SC-IMC makes no impossible claim of being "objective" - something that can not be said about The Sentinel. Indymedia acts as an alternative to the corporate press, offering space to those that are traditionally denied. If you seek to understand as many views as possible, I'd urge you to continue reading SC-IMC, many other outlets, and do your own research.

3) Unlike The Sentinel, SC-IMC does not have a long history of encouraging the oppression of communities (especially indigenous, chinese, and chicano) in the Santa Cruz area.

4) Can you link any where in our editorial policy that says we "favor liberal and progressive angles"?

5) You mention that you don't see any interviews with Campus Republicans. Again, SC-IMC does not have staff to do coverage - local community members cover what they want. Finally, you might want to check your facts before complaining - there was an interview with College Republicans in an audio story as well as other audio clips that recorded Republican chants:

SC Metro Strikers Meet Anti-Strikers

Rockin' the Boat: Metro Strike Heats Up

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