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Re: Students, Workers and Community Unite to Support Bus Drivers


I have no idea what you are trying to say. It's gobbledygook. If you can make it clearer, please do so.

Bottom line: SC bus drivers are among the highest-paid in the nation, and they did not do their job.


They left 23,000 people on the curbside, and, somehow, they think they HAVE IT BAD?

Give me a break.

Top-tier pay, no schooling necessary, no investment or apprenticeship required, and STILL, they left 23,000 stranded on the curbside (some in wheelchairs) because they want MORE?!


The only people the UTU can get to march with them in any numbers are college kids who are subsidized by -- you guessed it -- the government (surprise! surprise!) through huge amounts of money paid into the UC system, money to scholarships, and so forth. (I'll leave out of this discussion mommy and daddy's checkbooks.)

Please. What is such a crowd's opinion worth when it comes to economic reality?


Santa Cruz bus drivers...

...receive top-tier pay, compliments of their FELLOW CITIZENS.

...but left the handicapped and the poor stranded ON THE CURBSIDE with essentially NO WARNING.

You tell me what is left to discuss.

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