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50 Way to Loot The Living

You want to contend that there hasn't been any looting because the amount that the US has spent hasn't been equal to what we've gotten out of it?

Nick, it looks like we might actually agree on something. I AGREE that the United States hasn't gotten as much out of Iraq as it has put into Iraq --- yet. However, some people have been making a killing profiting off of the war effort. When Iraqi oil union leaders came to the United States this June ( they reported that they were exporting oil at a significant rate, but the Iraqi people weren't seeing a dime from that and they didn't know where it was going.

Is it just a coincidence that our brave leaders claim that oil exports in Iraq are down but the oil companies they own are accumulating hefty profits?

Besides this kind of "looting" going on, there has been widespread looting of the artifacts of Iraq, known once as Babylon and considered the cradle of civilization. US and British troops have made no secret about taking artifacts as if they were entitled to them. I know this is difficult for you to understand, but those things are PRICELESS.

And what about the destruction of homes, buildings and civil systems? What about the "looting" that will occur in the form of rebuilding for the benefit of companies like Halliburton and Bechtel.

What about the future looting that will happen once the fourteen permanent US military bases are built in Iraq if the Bush Cabal has it's way?

How stupid do you think people are, Nick?

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