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Re: Two Thousand Too Many

by n5667
> To Steve, we are looting Iraq - to date, how much money have we made?

Looting at a loss is still looting - it's just bad looting, same as running a business at a loss is still business, just bad business.

America steals Iraq's oil and sells it to help pay American war contractors like Haliburton and Boeing.

America spends money only on American construction and security companies, refusing to employ Iraqis.

America is looting Iraq to defray the costs of colonizing it, and creating new enemies to justify the destruction of civil rights and freedom here at home.

> The prior government was the one that engaged in genocide

No it didn't. The attempted civil war in the north of Iraq was drawn along racial Kurd boundaries BY THE KURDS. They made it racial, not Saddam.

Anyway, people like you claim the resistance is full of foreign fighters from Iran and Syria. Yet when the Kurds attempted seccession they were backed by Iranian fighters during the Iran-Iraq war. So it wasn't just Kurds that Saddam attacked with poison gas, it was Iranians too. Therefore it wasn't genocide, it was civil war with outside intervention.

What will you blame Saddam for next, the Black Plague? AIDS? World War II?

> You say we are looting the resources, how much oil have we looted?

Every drop that has been sold since the US invasion began, where the US has dictated where the profits would be spent (on "US re-construction costs" and "US security costs", all conveniently lining the wallets of US corporations).

Which includes US law enforcement personnel, collecting phat paychecks like $90k salaries TAX FREE over there.

Fucking pigs. There may even be some Santa Cruz pigs joining in the looting of Iraq. I know several Texas highway patrol pigs are making $90k right now.

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