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Re: Two Thousand Too Many

I wonder what would have happened to our proud tradition of claiming that every war is like the revolutionary war and how great this is if the following had happened instead of what actually did:

1) The French did not intervene in the final moments of the 1776 rev war and the British put down the rebellion.

2) In 1812 the French invaded and occupied New England on the pretext that the British Colony posed an expansionist threat to the Louisiana Terriritory and the Canadian Provinces. Of course, they claimed initially that they were "liberating" New England, but in the end the new country called Canada extended from Toronto to Miami Florida and West to the Rocky Mountains.

There are of course parallels between this scenario and what actually happened in Iraq: The Kurd rebellion was not given air support when it was promissed and the US finally did invade on a pretext, later changed to a war of "liberation".

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