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Re: Two Thousand Too Many

did this say 5pm was the start time, yesterday? I made a note of it and no one was there.

Anyway, we know that much of the world had monarchies in China/Europe, or was under colonial rule in the 1800s, but it is key to realize that when much of the world switched to beginning democracies in the 1930s-60s, the US interfered and assassinated leaders or had the CIA or small military interventions to institute their own ruler.

Saddam Hussein was on the CIA payroll. Look it up! The US picked him out because they were worried that the country was too socialist. This practice is what needs to stop immediately, and never should have happened, because it leads to blowback the majority of the time.
Most of us might be aware of the most egregious examples of this, such as the installation of the shah in Iran which led to such a backlash in 1979, but there is such a long list of countries where this has occurred. I didn't realize until I saw the movie Z that US operatives helped with political assassinations in Greece and installation of a dictatorship in the 70s. How many american tourists are going there and have no clue about this, and imagine that Greece has always been a long term stable country.
We helped out in the dictatorships in Brazil, Chile, Haiti, Philippines, Congo, Liberia, etc. and helped fund the wrong side in violent interventions in Angola, Lebanon, Iran/Iraq war, Cuba, Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia, Afghanistan (see rambo), not to mention the whole cold war with Russia and the east bloc and Korea.

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