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Re: Two Thousand Too Many

Nick claims, "The people vote in the government."

This is not true. Electoral fraud put Bush in power in the last two elections.

Likewise a president that did not fully represent the military industrial complex, John F. Kennedy, was taken out of power by the CIA in a murderous coup. Bobby Kennedy was killed for similar reasons, and they'd try to kill Jesse Jackson just the same today if he was serious about running.

Attempts at organizing alternatives to the corporate power of the Democrat and Republican Parties have also been met with extreme government repression. The Black Panther Party was physically annihilated and the U.S. government murdered 40 members.

The U.S. government also tried using all kinds of repression to stop the movement against the Vietnam war, including the shooting of protesters in the back at Kent State in May 1970, but that repression ultimately backfired with 8 million students out on strike and almost an entire generation turned against the war.

The U.S. government murdered 3,000,000 Vietnamese and 50,000 U.S. soldiers in its war of aggression in Vietnam. We, the people, did not carry out those crimes, the U.S. government did. WE, the people, ultimately put an end to that brutal war through a movement in the streets.

Yet the same government remains in power carrying out a new imperialist war against Iraqi people. It will take more than elections to end this war and remove the criminals from power. That will take a revolution.

Steven Argue, for Liberation News

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