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Re: The Not So Silent Scream

The so called right to life movement is owned and controlled by men. The life of the fetus is NOT the issue since they also oppose contraception which prevents fertilization.

Women under the pregnancy mandate must be forced to mass produce consumer/worker/breeder/soldier units to keep the male dominated global economy growing (the logic of the cancer cell)

If women worldwide controlled their reproduction, there could be no econommic forcasts, there could be no five year plan. He who controls the uterus controls the world. If women had control of their uteruses, they would control the global economy by refusing to be bred like cattle.

However the 5,000 year old dirty secret of mens obsession with controling womens reproduction is to mandate the production of MEN. Under patriarchy this is womans highest goal.

If women chose to abort male fetuses the number of men would be reduced. This would cause a shortage of rapists, wife beaters and child molesters-and soldiers.

Peace might break out! Oh Dear! We cant have THAT!

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