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Re: Two Thousand Too Many

The anonymous rightist advocate for war claims the Iraqis are, "treaking [sic] out and fighting dirty - real dirty..."

The radiation the U.S. has scattered all over Iraq with DU weapons is not exactly clean. DU is a weapon of mass destruction that should be banned. Nor is the U.S. morally clean with tactics of putting fear into the people through shooting unarmed protesters, torturing prisoners, rounding up innocents for torture in the night, and indiscriminant murder in populated centers of resistance such as Fallujah.

You claim that this resistance is not about sovereignty, but for the Iraqi people this is exactly what this about. Americans have short memories and many of them still probably can't find Iraq on a map, but the Iraqi people remember how the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein when the U.S. government thought it was useful. When the Ba'ath Party first came to power the CIA gave them a list of 5,000 leftists and union leaders that the Ba'ath Party subsequently executed. These executions helped pave Saddam Hussein’s path to power. Iraqis also remember how the U.S. supported Saddam Hussein in the 1980’s in his wars against both Iran and the Kurdish people. They also remember how the U.S. government starved Iraq through sanctions for much of the last 15 years.

In addition the Iraqis can see how the U.S. has been unable to rebuild most of the infrastructure such as water and electricity and can see that they did much better rebuilding under Iraqi rule after the U.S. war on Iraq in the 1990’s. They can see their country being looted by companies like Halliburton. In addition Iraqis can see their industries have been destroyed by the U.S. imposition of free trade policies that have flooded Iraqi markets with cheap goods made in China that Iraqi industry cannot compete with.

For women in Iraq they can see that the current U.S. imposition of an Islamic puppet government that does not recognize women’s rights means an end to the rights that they enjoyed in the past.

The reasons for resistance to U.S. imperialism in Iraq are varied and very deeply ingrained through the decades of suffering the U.S. has imposed on the people of Iraq. Opposition to U.S. control includes people of all religions and national groups. It is time the U.S. stop doing more damage to the people of Iraq. U.S. out now!

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