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Solving the energy problem: Our SUN

The Earth has an abundance of energy; our challenge is to connect our infrastructure to it. The sun provides our Earth with about 5,000 times more energy than we need to power human systems.

Wind, one form of solar energy, is now going commercial because in many place it is cheaper than burning fossil fuels (11:28/33:53 min). Just last week 200 business people attended a wind workshop in Manhattan. In 2004 Dr. Archer published her paper concluding that we have at least 35 times more wind energy available than our human system presently uses. With the economies of scale through mass production the price of wind energy will continue to plummet.

Direct solar energy is catching up to fossil fuels within a very short amount of time. We can actually precisely calculate when that time comes. With China going solar on a massive scale this will help the rest of us by quickly lowering the cost.

“We will solve the energy problem by working with current solar income? (17:18/33:53 min)

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