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Steve, You're Right!

I was listening to Ludwig Van's 7th this evening and for some reason a line from your most recent drivel came to mind. You are absolutely right! You're not Coca-Cola and you're not Pespi! Nor are you Kool Aid or even Lemonade. You are also not relevant. If you want a look at the political future of Santa Cruz take a peek at Frankly, I only support Mike, and oddly enough, for the same reason given on the site, "He has common sense now". You, Norse, Johnson, and your wacked out lawyer, etc. are not the "Vanguard" of anything except the "Old Guard". If you really want to return to the land of the living, give up on the "Leadership of the Lumpen" bit, get a job, join a union, do some community service and take some anger management classes.

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