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Re: Two Thousand Too Many

"If you don’t want to listen to the facts presented on Ralph Schoenman’s radio show, perhaps you may feel like renting Oliver Stone’s movie. The movie is quite accurate."

Oliver Stone’s film was hardly factual. In fact, even amongst JFK conspiracy theorists I have not heard someone make that argument. Great movie, but hardly a good work of history. I know it is hard for some people to believe that a normal guy could end up killing the most powerful man in the world, but that’s how it is. Not every act on this planet is part of a cosmic struggle. I think that is the inherent problem with conspiracy theories. They assume that there must be some sinister reason why bad things happen, that is often not the case. The Warren Commission Report is hardly my bases for denying your JFK conspiracy theory. For every book you post in favor of conspiracy, I can post disproving.

And it seems to me that Steve thinks that any outlet that does not support his crazy conspiracy theories is a right wing fascist news source. If you really think that everyone who voted for Bush is a right wing fanatic than you need to get out of Santa Cruz one of these days and join the real world.

Just because you think the Sentinel is a right wing news source, does not make it a reality buddy.

The great thing is, your ideas are their own worst enemies. Its like arguing with folks about Evolution. Creationists can bring forth all kinds of works defending their ideas, but in the end, it stands opposed to the overwhelming facts. So keep up the good work!

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