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Re: Two Thousand Too Many

Oscar says, "The Warren Commission Report is hardly my bases for denying your JFK conspiracy theory."

OK Oscar, if you don't accept the official government version (i.e. cover-up) contained in the Warren Commission Report, whose investigation do you base your lone gunman theory on?

I base my information on the careful investigations of the evidence carried out by Jim Garrison and Ralph Schoenman. As I stated earlier those investigations were the basis of Oliver Stone’s historically accurate movie. The fact that Oscar has never heard anyone say that the movie is accurate does not change the facts. While the movie does take some minor artistic license by having a secret Washington source explain the motive of the conspiracy for the audience, the movie does lay out the evidence in the assassination of Kennedy as well as the character assassination carried out against Jim Garrison.

While Oscar may find the lone gunman theory comforting, it has nothing to with any of the evidence.

Oscar says, "Just because you think the Sentinel is a right wing news source, does not make it a reality buddy."

Of course you are right on this. Likewise my knowledge of the Earth revolving around the sun does not make that so either.

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