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Re: Cops, gangmembers, and low intensity war games: R U statecraft illiterate?

We all must understand that the elites that run the world are psychopaths (sociopaths). The Webster's dictionary of "psychopathic personality: "A disordered state characterized by a clear perception of reality, except for any moral or social obligation and often with a desire for immediate gratification in criminal acts" In other words, they are not restricted by conscience, empathy or remose and so, rise to the top of the human food chain.

At the top of the pyramid racial and even gender traits fall away. Although most are male, women psychopaths imitate the men to join the boys club.

We must stop emulating them They are the scum of the earth.

Human society is like a big melting pot: the ones on the bottom get burned and the SCUM rises to the top.

Check out
By Jerry Russell and Richard Stanley

It will make clear why the world is so violent and messed up and why our "culture" is obsessed with violence, sex—and death.

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