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Re: Vandals Try To Destroy Santa Cruz Coastal Rail Trail

Very dumb move by UP. As Bradley's photos evidence, destruction of the rail-trail has already encouraged dangerous human encroachment onto the live railroad tracks. While the entire right-of-way remains owned by UP, they're in the process of selling it to the County. This will, ideally, one day lead to passenger rail service to Pajaro (Watsonville Junction) with Caltrain connections to SF, Salinas, and Monterey.

In the meantime, until the sale is complete, the County Regional Transportation Commission should work with UP to indemnify UP from liability stemming from the rail-trail. The RTC should also perhaps install rudimentary barriers between the tracks and the trail, and educate the public about the dangers about dangerously trespassing on active railroad tracks. The trains were in Santa Cruz long before we were and helped build this town. We must respect them.

As for the content of the trains hauled on the Santa Cruz Subdivision, it's gravel and other aggregate materials for the RMC Pacific (Cemex) plant in Davenport. UP also delivers lumber to San Lorenzo and interchanges with the Santa Cruz, Big Trees, and Pacific shortline from Felton (the one that does street-running on Chestnut). There ya go.

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