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Re: The Not So Silent Scream

Maybe rape would stop,everywhere, particularly in South America, etc. , where the dirtiest secret of all is how women, mothers, and grandmothers pull on, fondle, and otherwise violate their sons genitalia from birth rather than the genitalia of grown men.
This curiousity of the South and Central American regions is not confined there, although the best documented case of this was Elian Gonzalez, whose grandmother attempted to fondle his penis upon his return to Cuba. Women sexually abuse children all over the world between the vulnerable ages of 1-5 yet all we heqar about is the after effects of it, which is grown men as rapists.
Some 80% of rapists report that they were sexually abused by females when they were too young to say no.
If women want to confront rape, they must first confront THEMSELVES.

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