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Santa Cruz Earth First! was not, in any way, involved with the power line destruction in 1990. It is not known to us, or anyone other than the persons involved, who was responsible for that action claimed by "Earth Night Action."
We as a group did not comment on the action at the time, and decline to do so today. As Dan White states in the story, individuals have, and are free to comment on the power line destruction, but they do so as individuals, not as spokepersons for SCEF! and should not be identified as such, or as associated with the group.

It is totally irresponsible for Dan White, and the Sentinel, to publically link that destructive action in any way with SCEF! We demand that The Sentinel print a correction prominently on the front page explaining their error in publishing that portion of the above story exerpted below.

>Twelve years ago, two activists knocked out power to Santa Cruz
>County by starting to unbolt a 100-foot transmission tower. It’s
>unclear if Earth First! was involved, though group members called the
>action a “heroic” denunciation of dependence on destructive

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