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Re: Indymedia News vs. Neighbor's Account

A couple points...

*I don't think that the 'news worthiness' of a person's opinion should be considered by their ability to type/access to a computer. that's not really fair.

*Some of the crappiest, un-thought through opinions show up on the internet, simply because of the anonymity. I often have to put myself in a more personal mindset to avoid going off on people online. Would I say it to their face? If not, I don't need to type it out.

*ALL "news" should be taken with a grain of salt. Or a bucket. Every reporter is biased, every way of broadcasting events/teachings has slants. Therefore, it's up to the reader to think about it, and research further if they're interested in it, rather than forming opinions based on someone else's account.I personally don't see something in the Chronicle (or whatever) and think, "OH! so THATS what happened"...I think "oh, so that's how they saw it. That's what the cops told them to say. Or that's what they think we want to hear." Same goes for indymedia, and random people talking to me on the street, and to a degree, even my close trusted friends. Everyone sees things differently, and just because they're paid to publish their opinions doesn't make them right.

*yes, indy media ends up showing a 'biased' selection of articles. That is NOT however,a reflection of the institution itself. That's a reflection of the people who publish here. There is a huge difference, even though the result may be similar. There have been instances of selective editing, but because I don't know the full story, I don't feel comfortable passing judgement. As far as I have seen, indymedia does a good job of letting opinions and 'news' be seen.

**As far as the difference between indymedia and my neighbor, I hope there isn't much. I think we need to respect our community and the people around us a good source. 'News' doesn't just appear out of thin air- it happens, usually to people. If we can't actually be there to see what went down, listening to their stories straight from them is the next best thing. An example from my own experience- new orleans. The 'mainstream' 'news' was craptacular and useless. The information I have used and thought about most came from first hand accounts, from friends, or friends of friends, or e-mail chainletters, or whatever. And the weird part is, that information keeps getting verified later on, by 'news' reporters saying "oops, really it happened like this. we were wrong."

in conclusion, maybe being more like an irritating neighbor is a good thing. Yeah, you have to hear about their missing cat, but you also get a real story.


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