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Re: Indymedia News vs. Neighbor's Account

I'd have to agree with you kate. While I know and respect a few of the "annonymous" editors of indymedia (truly they do a lot to keep this website going!) I'm often at a loss as to why they remove comments and sympathetic to people who feel they've been exculded from commenting or posting articles. Obviously there are exceptions here, but as a rule I feel it is better to leave a comment posted that you don't agree with then remove the "offensive" comment entirely. I'd rather see a well thought out reply to some BS comment than the removal of said comment. Of course we can't always take the time to do this so again, I'm sympathetic to the editors here. I feel I've had a similar experience to kate in the past and it kind of bums me out. Nevertheless Indymedia does rock and is perhaps one of the more democratic and participatory media sources in the SC, except Free Radio of course! ;-)

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