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Thanks for the intelligent article

When an individual (or two) is constantly criticizing everyone else and doesn't participate in other people's projects, it kind of makes me pause and think about the validity of that person's arguments
Thanks for the intelligent article and overall good dialogue.

I'd like to point out a few things that may or may not have been pointed out already.

First, Indymedia is an awesome community resource. Really, it is what the community makes of it. It is a day-to-day alternative to the corporate, right-wing dictated Sentinel and the only local, breaking news source aside from Monterey's two television stations and our local radio stations that aren't manned by computers. It is available 24/7. That in itself makes it a valuable community resource.

It bears repeating -- it is what the community makes of it. It has already been stated that the Indymedia site has went through a major software overhaul this last January and has been working out the kinks ever since. Some content and comments have indeed been lost while the site was "hiccuping." If people don't like it, I would like to hear them volunteering their tech skills to help out with the project. Otherwise, I think they should say "thanks" to the folks who are volunteering their time and effort to make it make it a community resource, simple as that. (BTW -- thank you, Indymedia folks for making this truly democratic project happen!)

As for the editorial decisions on the site, I, too, have had a comment or two hidden, but once I reviewed the editorial policy, I realized that I was out of bounds and I went ahead and wrote a new comment based on what I had learned. The biggest problem seems to be when people don't know the difference between personal attacks and a legitimate argument; the other big problem I see are people who are combing the site just to cause trouble. I'd rather see a site that is readable with relatively legit information rather than indiscernible disinformation to the extent that the site is not useful. Sure, I like to have flame wars as much as the next guy, but if it deters from the accessibility and newsworthiness of the site, then I vote for the editors to be as stringent (not less) as they have been.

Keep it up, Indymedia!

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