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Re: GW the Lamb of Mammon

Got this idea while thinking about the ambush the CIA is playing on the neocons.
GW the lamb of Mammon
Got this idea while thinking about the ambush the CIA is playing on the neocons.
Yeah, I know it’s kinda hard to separate the players in this drama ‘cause they are all on the other side of the razor wire and military hardware, but try to understand that even in Olympus, the Gods still cut each other’s throats. This is always good so long as it only involves themselves. Usually it involves the deaths of millions of others by violence, starvation or disease but that is to be expected when the gods walk around on this earth crushing the small life forms underneath them as they vie for the superior position or the best ocean view.

But, you see here with the Niger documents, and the Plame/Wilson team slipping the shiv into the greedy and rabid sector of capital that wants to own and administer the oil wealth of the middle east ( and of course, Africa, South America and the rest of the known universe ) directly, with the use of American military resources ( and this is what is pissing off the pentagon [ read: weapon market for Wall Street ] and the top brass, as their assets are thrown into a conflict that can only benefit the Israeli zionists in their bid at expansion ) this sordid and horrible venture into Iraq is considered reckless endangerment by the sector of capital that just wants to rule and rape by proxy.
Knowing that the chimp, after repeatingly being dropped on his head by a caring Barbara Bush ( we’ve all seen her warmth and nurturing humanity as in the ‘ My beautiful mind’ and Houston Astrodome comments ) it could be that Herbert decided to let this one go for a sacrifice in order ( what else?) to enhance the wealth and power of this branch of our sapien tree. You gotta figure that the rest of the humanitarian and philanthropic Bush family knows that this one has SERIOUS brain damage through the attempt to escape the ambient goodness of his childhood through heavy self medication.
Then there are the usual hazards of leadership and wealth that come with being a member of a satanic cult and a pedophiliac parent.
I feel pity for this creature even as I am in fear of the power it represents. The kind of power that can assent to murder a city with White Phosphorus and Incenderjell [ read: napalm ] or a country with Depleted [ read: refined/pure ] Uranium weapons.

I am concerned that in order to pull a massive psyops [ read: pull this mess out of the blender ] on the American people, Herbert ( and the Wall Street sector of [ read: CIA ] capital ) that is getting nervous with the rising discontent [ read: armed revolt ] caused by the over reaching and rabidly greedy neocons and could ‘allow’ something to happen to his beloved lamb. This could serve quite a few agendas in regards to martial law and feudal social engineering before the eco systems and economies collapse.


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