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Re: Indymedia News vs. Neighbor's Account

Typically, when posting using Internet Explorer I have found that my post often does not appear if I go back to it later. Switching to Mozilla web browser, I most often find the post has reappeared. One thing I am wondering about is why the Tookie Teach-in article for Nov 30, 2005 no longer appears in the right hand collumn of the home page, with either Mozilla or Internet Explorer. I went to Kinko's to verify that this was not a problem with my computer. It doesn't show up on Kinko's computer either. The article can be found by visiting:
It still has comments posted to it from Dec 1 and Dec 2, when the article was no longer visible. Maybe significant numbers of people scan the comments section of the newswire located at
, which lists all comments posted. Or maybe some people are crossing over from , where there is a link to it on the home page.

As to the Becky Johnson/Robert Norse/SC Indymedia controversy, I have weighed in on this too. I attempted to get the two sides to butt heads during one Santa Cruz Indymedia meeting. But that obviously failed. They just could not be in the same room together. SC Indymedia made a long rationalization of it's stance to Becky in an e-mail, but the meeting revealed that this is no longer a logical issue, but an emotional one. Like any failed relationship, it is now time for both sides to find different partners.
It is unfortunate that this means that Becky Johnson can not post anything at all on a major news source for Santa Cruz, SC Indymedia.

Part of my work on involves working against trends on the internet that tend to censor different points of view. Often times the advertisers that you may see on a website may have contracts with the website that tend to limit freedom of speech, under penalty of purging that site from their affiliate program. For the most part this is not the case with, but I have been turned down by affiliate programs that have more restrictive policies. I have not applied to be a member of Google adwords or adsense, but has been turned down by that program because it criticizes others. Google specificly prohibits sites that criticise others from having paid advertising using its services. (This does not apply to the regular free part of the search engine. But they do blacklist sites on the free part of the search engine that attempt to inflate their page ranking by various means such as putting keywords at the bottom of the page in the same color as the background for instance.) To its credit, Google does sell ad space to both sides of the abortion debate (though that debate does appear somewhat muted on Google ads), but other debates, such as gun control have zero ad space sold. Sex ed, on the other hand is slanted heavily in favor of promiscuity, with no "criticism" directed towards abstinence. Try searching that keyword (Sex education) on google and look through the ads on the top and the right side to see what I mean.

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