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Re: Last Night Santa Cruz Un-Planning Meeting (12/5)

I'm not going to the planning meeting. In the sentinel I noted the city wants to plan for halloween-type event protections, and it seems like it might make sense to think about what you as NY Eve facilitators could do if it turns out there is a large ratio between people who have heard of this planning versus police and thousands who hadn't heard of first night planning. At halloween, I walked around for a couple hours and saw zero negative interactions, and a bunch of mostly nice kids- but a couple obvious facts struck me, that probably occurred to everyone else. First, if the city is able to contribute to halloween or this, it would be in the area of porta-potties, because it looked like there were two public bathroom stalls at Starbucks and a fast food restaurant, serving the entire 20,000 person crowd and I felt sorry for the worker stuck in starbucks. Secondly, it's not the gov't's role to help entertain you, but some people aren't good at entertaining themselves any more due to television and the structure of work/school that we have, so I saw some become bored after seeing the costumes, and they were leaning against walls waiting for something to happen, and there were big circles around ordinary drum circles, krsnas, and xylophone groups that probably only matched 20% of the crowd's personal taste. Even people who just brought a stereo were the center of clusters who wanted to dance, because they were otherwise unstimulated. The obvious solution would be for the city to put out a basic call for ~5-10 groups of different musical genres to set up in the parking lots without being paid to provide some focus and dancing so people don't just stand around urinating and think about getting beer.

So bringing this to NY Eve, what you are planning will be great from the perspective of entertaining a large crowd that hadn't specifically heard of this planning. (I'm thinking of the Seattle NY Eve parade following Infernal Noise Brigade, when the mayor cancelled the spacenadel fireworks due to terrorism fears. Only people in the loop heard about it, so the crowd was unified
). Just having the marching band and other stuff will make people happy, but is your list of things to do going to be clearly received by a large general public?

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