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Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

Tookie grew up in a bad neighborhood, big deal, so did a lot of other kids that did not turn to crime. As for the claims that he has been absolved of his sins, the four bodies tookie took have not pardoned him, nor have their families. Those that have fallen prey to the gang he created have not pardoned him. The criminal justice system that convicted him with appeal after appeal denied has not pardoned. Who the hell has pardoned this filth of the earth, Hollywood liberals, those with an ulterior agenda, and his fellow partners in crime. How many of our children must fall prey to the gangsters before we hand out swift and just punishments.

Twenty four years is a long time to see justice done.

For all those that have been effected by the presence of gangs in their neighborhoods TOOKIE MUST DIE

For all the immigrants that have come to this country to make a new life only to be preyed upon by animals, TOOKIE MUST DIE

For all the children that fear in the night, TOOKIE MUST DIE

For all the victims, who cry out for justice to take place, TOOKIE MUST DIE

For the decent members of society that struggle to make an honest living only to be cut down by scum of the ear, TOOKIE MUST DIE

For the following individuals, TOOKIE MUST DIE

Albert Owens (26 yrs old, son and brother )

Yen-Yi Yang (66 yrs old, Husband Tsai-Shai Yang, Father to Ye-Chen-Lin)

Tsai-Shai Yang (63 yrs old, Wife to Yen-Ti Yang, mother to Ye-Chen-Lin)

Ye-Chen Lin (43 yrs old)

Note: say no to indycensors make a copy of your posts to notepad or whatever program you like, and repost when the the politcal correct police choose to delete you.

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