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Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

there's two parts to tookie Governor Schwarzenegger must look at when it comes to whether Tookie should die or live. The "Tookie"
from back then, and the "Tookie" now. The "Tookie" now is the one we want to live. the "Tookie" who is a nobel peace prize nominee, the "Tookie" who's writing children's books, the "Tookie" who is spreading "anti gang" messages...the "Tookie" that's being punished is being punished by the actions of the "Tookie" from 1979, the one who did the killings. they say back in 1989 a new "Tookie" emerged..the one we know more about today.

See..the old "Tookie" was a murderer..the new "tookie" is anti here it is simply put.

God used Moses to lead the israelites out of Egypt even though Moses had been known to be a murderer! Stanley can be known as the anti gang "Moses" and lead the "crips" out of their bondage!

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