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Re: Support Students Racially Profiled and Brutally Arrested at Campus Anti-War Protest!

The charges range from misdemeanors like resisting arrest and disturbing the peace to two felonies; assault on an officer (supposedly grabbing the club they were being beaten with) and assault on an officer with a deadly weapon (supposedly throwing a rock). Their supporters assert that they were wrongfully beaten and that they did not commit the crimes they are accused of (except for the white man arrested on the inside and who was not beaten). I doubt that the arrestees will discuss their cases in much detail since they have attorneys who would advise them not to but that they will discuss their treatment at the hands of the police.

How will we decide who is worthy of our solidarity and support? Each of us has to have an answer to that question. I do not demand that you adopt my perspective in order to receive support if you claim that you were illegitimately targetted by the police, but like Oscar I would want to know your side.

What you see in this posting (several articles condemning the police behavior as racist since 7 of 8 of the folks arrested were Arab Muslims or African people and only 1 was white) is the "side" of the arrestees.

My perspective on the police in general is that since the police have a monopoly on violence and instant and unaccountable access to infinite escalation of violence which they use to enforce white supremacy, male supremacy, and heterosexism no matter what race or gender they themselves may be, they must be held to the tightest scrutiny possible in order to constrain them and eventually shrink them down to a size where they could be drowned in a bathtub along with the rest of the repressive apparatus of the government.

That said, I am genuinely curious to hear other people's perspectives since political repression against Muslims has been very intense since 9/11, especially with Guantanamo and the disappearances or "extraordinary renditions" of Muslims to countries where torture is accepted more openly. It looks to me like the Santa Clara County Sherrif's department is carrying out a much more cost-effective version of the anti-Muslim scapegoating of the Federal government (no plane fares, no costly detention or torture consultants). What do you think?

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