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Re: Support Students Racially Profiled and Brutally Arrested at Campus Anti-War Protest!

I looked at your posted photos and what I see are a bunch of protesters hiding behind blue bandana's and ball caps or other garb, then knocking down a barricade and charging and pushing police officers. And then your once again surprised when someone gets hurt or arrested after such a stupid move.Then you want all the charges dropped after antangonizing the cops into action ( which is no doubt what you wanted anyway) then whine and snivel about the response and the result of your actions. And as with all the information here, you only post one side of the incident with a generous amount of personal spin to make it sound like they did nothing wrong, yet your own posted photos depict that in fact several people did wrong. And you have the audacity to claim that corperate media slants the truth?? Someone needs to clean up their own act before demanding others do the same. Lead by example for once!

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