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Re: Pics from 11/19/05 Save Stan Tookie Williams Rally at San Quentin, CA

You are all doing wrong and you could have stopped it Mr. Schwarzenegger, but NO being the non-American what you are, you are going to kill a man who has reached the Hearts of many kids in gangs, even gangmembers want to lay down their arms and make it better because of Tookie. You guys are Killers, and therefore should be also put in Death Row. The White MAn came and killed the Indians, the White came and had his Slaves and killed them. The White MAn can do anything he wants to, the Black Man can´t. Police ask who done it the White people say it was a Black Man. Jewish believe in eye for an eye, thats what God wants. But God also says THOU SHALL NOT KILL, and what has Happened They Killed Tookie. I am not proud of being a WHITE MAN. Please God Take Tookie to you and forgive him of his actions!!! He is a good man and he is Black with a Big Heart and has spread out lots of Love in the World. Now as for the rest of the Gangs I hope not that you all consider that when Tookie has died that you need to go out and seek revenge, Please think what Tookie has done for you all and try to Keep Peace for Tookie´s sake. PEACE!!!!

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